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Tissue Salts

Avoid illness by keeping your body’s mineral levels in balance with our selection of tissue salts. Made up of a combination of essential minerals, these help to alleviate minor everyday issues quickly and effectively.

Macro and trace minerals are beneficial to the everyday functioning of our bodies. And while our mineral requirements can be obtained through the food we eat, the mineral content of our soil is not what it should be.

In addition, minerals can be lost due to environmental pollutants and toxins, exposure to heavy metals, contaminated drinking water, as well as through our modern lifestyles. So it is no surprise that imbalances could occur.

Our tissue salts may help to manage these mineral levels, as any deficiency or imbalance could potentially allow for the manifestation of malady or illness, and the associated symptoms.

We have since extended our range to offer you not only the full spectrum of tissue salts 1-12, but certain specific combination formulas as well.

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