DNA Testing

In one of the more scientific methods to understanding ones health, we invite you to discover the benefits of nutrigenomics.

In the face of rising costs, it is interesting to note that the cost of testing your own DNA in South Africa has actually decreased since it
first appeared around 2008. Today, it has become mainstream in most major cities around the world, where your genes are at the forefront in managing ones health. 

Willow Wellness is excited to now include DNA testing in the products we have on offer, to our retail clients on this website. These tests look at the relationship between your personal genetics, nutrition and supplementation, and can help you understand your own health and therefore make better choices.

Your selected test could be based on your or your family’s current or long-term health concerns, your personal health goals, on aesthetics, your profession or on your pastime eg sport. Consider all of these to decide which of our tests would best serve you.

Once you have ordered your test, the simple, well-explained test kit will be delivered to your door. Our accredited practitioner will brief you telephonically on the best time to sample, and answer any remaining questions you may have regarding the procedure.

The completed sample will be collected by our courier and your own genetic results will be available in a maximum of 3 weeks. Your report is then shared with you by our practitioner during an online or telephonic appointment, where she provides a lifestyle, dietary and supplement plan catering for your personal possible health issues going forward. 

Start your wellness journey with us today!